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About Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Professional Animal Retirement Center (PARC),  Inc.,  known locally as “Black Pine Animal Sanctuary”  in Albion,  Indiana is a non-profit exotic animal sanctuary,  a “last chance”  refuge for captive-raised non-domestic animals in need.   We exist to provide refuge to displaced,  captive-raised exotic animals for the rest of their lives and to educate people about responsible animal care and conservation. 

Black Pine is home to about 100 wildcats,  bears,  foxes,  wolves,  primates,  birds,  reptiles,  and more.  The animals in residence have been surrendered by private owners,  been abandoned and recovered,  and/or been confiscated by legal authorities from situations of neglect or cruelty.  Black Pine does not buy,  sell,  breed,  trade,  nor seek out animals and does not use animals for entertainment or commercial promotions.

In addition to animal care,  the sanctuary offers a wide variety of educational programs including visitor tours,  workshops,  and experiences,  and operates a gift shop 

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