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South Bend, IN   46628


About Manufacturing Technology, Inc.

Company Overview

Every day,  almost everywhere,  the custom-engineered solutions of Manufacturing Technology,  Inc.  are an integral part of our lives.  In our homes and offices.  Across abundant farmlands.  On busy roads and highways.  Supporting military might.  From the deepest oil fields to the depths of space.

MTI is a privately-held company headquartered in South Bend,  Indiana,  specializing in transformational,  custom-engineered joining solutions for manufacturing processes.  Our leading-edge expertise is available worldwide on-site.  An ISO 9001 registered company,  we also provide contract services at our 65,000 SF facility in South Bend,  as well as at MTI Welding Technologies,  Ltd.  in Kingswinford,  England,  and at MTI-Nash Friction Welding in Nasik,  India.

Friction Welding (a solid state joining process)  and Resistance Welding are key components of the MTI response.  MTI is the only company in the world with the experience and equipment to offer the diversity of all friction welding capabilities -  direct drive,  inertia, linear,  stir,  radial -  and resistance welding.  About 600 MTI welding machines,  each unique in design to meet the specific needs of the client,  are in operation today.

However,  our machines are not “welding-fits-all”  solutions.  Our multifaceted approach expands conventional thinking about manufacturing,  welding and joining.  We consider many variables in our problem-solving equation,  looking at component parts,  processes,  controls,  system design,  scalability and budget.  MTI researches and develops future applicable technologies.

Versatility also defines our professional team.  We bring together well-seasoned Joining Application Experts,  Design Engineers,  Project Managers,  Metallurgists,  Assembly Personnel,  Service Technicians,  Production Planners,  and Contract Welding Personnel.

As a result,  MTI equipment,  technology and know-how are at work across six continents,  serving the industries that serve the world:

  • Agriculture
  • Aircraft
  • Space
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Military
  • Power Generation and Transmission
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Research

A fourth-generation company,  MTI has become an invaluable resource for some of the titans of industry,  including Autoliv,  Borg-Warner,  Caterpillar,  Chrysler,  Cummins,  Federal Mogul,  Ford,  GE,  General Motors,  John Deere,  Lockheed Martin,  Mercury Marine,  Rolls-Royce,  TRW,  Visteon and Xerox.  We are also proud to be valued partners with manufacturers at all levels of production.

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