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Franklin, IN   46131

About Purdue Extension - Johnson County

The summer intern is responsible for working with the Extension Office staff and assisting in secretarial and receptionist type duties.  The intern will work directly with the Extension Educators to organize and carry-out the county Extension programs.  Intern must provide transportation to and from worksite.   Duties are not limited to,  but may include the following:

       β—    Organize &  prepare mailings,  notices,  flyers,  etc.

        ●    Organize county fair 4-H records,  4-H awards,  materials,  supplies,  etc.

        ●    Facilitate Mini 4-H Camp,  Summer Garden Camp and organize and facilitate Read,  Taste,  Touch of Agriculture program

         β—  Prepare displays for county fair

        β—  Assist with 4-H project check-in and check-out

         ●  Arrange 4-H projects and display for public viewing

        β—  Staff 4-H office during the county fair and assist with paperwork

        β—  Inventory fair supplies,  update records,  inventory 4-H project manuals

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