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About The International Center

Where Indiana Intersects With The World!  Add an international business experience to your professional credentials,  in Indianapolis.

For more than 40 years,  The International Center has served as a catalyst for the state’s international growth.  Working in collaboration with businesses,  organizations,  government agencies,  educational institutions and individual citizens,  The Center expands Indiana’s global interest in a variety of ways.

We prepare people and organizations to welcome international dignitaries and visitors,  and to foster strong relationships abroad.

We help assimilate professionals and their families relocating to Indiana from around the world.

Our multinational staff provides global competency training and protocol services to businesses and organizations seeking to bridge countries and cultures,  and expand relationships with international colleagues and counterparts.

And at the heart of our mission,  we strive to make Indiana a welcoming place for international newcomers –  through education,  understanding and open dialogue.

strong>2020 Internship Program FAQ

What are the benefits of interning with The International Center?

As an intern at The International Center,  you can expect staff members to be invested in you and to treat you as they would their peers.  The benefits of working for The International Center are unique and varied!

  • attend Weekly Intern Program Meetings that includes professional training,  career support modules,  and presentations by global business &  civic leaders
  • participate in an Indiana Naturalization Ceremony and present a U.  S.  flag to a new citizen
  • tap into a supervisor,  mentor,  and a team committed to your growth and success
  • expand your international perspective and gain new,  unique experiences
  • engage in unique local and international networking opportunities
  • develop a career plan with support in resume building &  professional recommendations
  • gain professional skills for the global economy
  • earn school credit
  • enjoy a flexible schedule

Check out The International Center’s social media for more information about the organization.

  • Twitter:  @INTLCTR,  #IVLP

  • Facebook:  The International Center

  • LinkedIn:  The International Center of Indianapolis

  • Blog:  The International Center

Is it possible to participate in extracurricular activities,  classes,  and/or other jobs while serving as an intern?

Absolutely!  We understand that you are a student and have other activities in which you are involved.  The International Center allows you the flexibility to work around your school’s internship requirements and create a schedule that works for you.

Can I select more than one area of interest to apply for?

Yes please,  we encourage it!  Just let us know which areas are of interest in your cover letter.

  1. Business Development,  Research Analysis &  Consulting
  2. Accounting,  Finance &  Operations
  3. International Research &  Business Program Management
  4. International Client Services
  5. Event Planning &  Management
  6. International Client Program Management
  7. Marketing,  Public Relations &  Analysis
  8. International Research &  Programming
  9. Non-Profit Administration
  10. Operations &  Organizational Project Management

Does The International Center only recruit from colleges and universities in Indianapolis?

No.  students at colleges and universities from anywhere in the state,  country,  or world may apply.  Please note that all students must arrange their own travel and accommodations for the duration of their internship,  and The Center cannot aid in obtaining work visas.  The Center also accepts internship applications from recent college graduates.

Are internships paid or unpaid?

The International Center’s internships are unpaid.  However,  we are happy to work with your college or university to provide credit for your internship.

Does The International Center observe a dress code policy?

Yes.  Our dress code policy is business professional as it is common for us to host meetings with business,  government and international leaders.

Do I have to have a specific major in order to be considered?

No.  Through the years,  we have had a wide variety of students,  with varying majors,  intern with The Center.  All students with a strong interest in gaining professional and international experience are welcome to apply.

What other activities or experiences may I participate in,  outside of my role?

We provide a weekly program agenda that covers topics like international protocols,  board governance,  community outreach,  non-profit fundraising,  interviewing and mentoring,  social media,  intro to business operations,  etc.  plus a variety of unique opportunities such as participation in a Naturalization Ceremony,  lunch with the Board Chair,  Citizen of the Year Awards Gala,  Indiana Economic Development speaker luncheon,  to name a few!

What are the principal responsibilities of an intern?

There are several,  and can vary from role to role,  season to season.  The principal responsibilities include:

  • Develop/document goals with your supervisor
  • Attend weekly intern meetings featuring special guest speakers &  customized career programming
  • Represent the IC at naturalization ceremonies and other city-wide events
  • Provide research support for special projects and ongoing programs
  • Assist the IC with fundraising and special events
  • Serve as an organizational ambassador in recruiting future interns and volunteers

What are the preferred qualifications to be a successful intern?

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Strong research aptitude and/or skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Willing to be versatile and flexible,  with a self-starter work ethic
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with staff members,  volunteers,  and external stakeholders
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word,  Outlook,  Excel,  PowerPoint)

What is the hiring timeline and projected work hours?

We offer the following internship programs:

  • Spring (January 7 –  May 3),
  • Summer (May 6 –  August 16)
  • Fall (August 19 –  December 13)

The International Center’s office hours are 8:00 a.m.  –  5:00 p.m.  Monday through Friday.  Estimated work hours average 15-20 per week for fall and spring terms around class schedules and 20-30 hours per week,  generally 9:30am –  3:30pm weekdays during the summer.  250 minimum hours are required for the internship so that interns are available for the numerous opportunities that arise.  Individual schedules may vary depending on the specific projects and other learning opportunities that may arise,  as well as school commitments,  family obligations and vacations.

How do I Apply?

To apply for an internship at The International Center,  please send your resume and cover letter to   Please be sure to include your preferred internship program date range and top 3-4 roles of interest in your cover letter.  Interns are selected on a rolling basis for spring,  summer and fall internship programs.  The internship is unpaid.  A $60 monthly stipend for downtown parking is provided.

Currently Available Internships

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