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Indianapolis, IN   46204

About The Policy Circle

About The Policy Circle

Also check our About page here.

Is The Policy Circle part of a national organization?

  • The Policy Circle is a grassroots initiative and not part of a national organization.   We do use information and data from national and local sources to compile our Policy Briefs and state-specific information.

Policy Circle women at times are political candidates and take a stand on issues.  Is the Policy Circle funding them?

Civic Engagement is a core value of The Policy Circle,  we are happy to see educated members engage in the political process.  However,  The Policy Circle is a 501(c)3 and does not endorse or fund candidates or political campaigns.#mindofmyown

So,  what is the Policy Circle trying to do?

The founders of the Policy Circle believe in a woman’s capacity for thought leadership.  The Policy Circle is platform for women to learn about civics and build confidence in themselves to take action the way they want.  The mission and vision is women across the Nation are connected and engaged in their communities, openly share their views and take  a leadership role in public policy dialogue on what human creativity can accomplish in a free market economy. #thepowerofconversation

What is the proposed financial structure?

  • Our goal is to be self-sustaining through membership donations.   Donations will go to ongoing website maintenance and development,  Policy Brief research and a small part time staff.

Is fundraising involved?

  • While we encourage each member to donate annually to support the mission,  fundraising is not a responsibility of the Circle Leaders or Circle Members.

Is The Policy Circle just a loose formation of like-minded women or is there a corporate/non-profit set-up?

  • The Policy Circle is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.   Our tax ID number is 47-2843650.

How do I donate to the Policy Circle?

  • If you wish to donate to the Policy Circle:
    • You may donate online by clicking here.
    • You may send a check to our offices at: The Policy Circle,  c/o Jennifer Richardson, 101 W.  Ohio Street,  Suite 1350, Indianapolis IN 46204

Is a circle a chapter?

No.  Circles are not chapters,  they are just a discussion group without a formal structure.  The Policy Circle recognizes that women have a mind of their own.  They are free learn about the issues and decide for themselves how to engage.

Other organizations like The League of Women voters in your area is a Chapter that is structured as a 501(c)4 and a 501(c)3.   The (c)3 focuses on voter registration and educational initiatives.   The (c)4 can spend money on local issue advocacy like a referendum to raise property taxes for schools and they can also invest in Political Action Committees to advocate and lobby for local bills or issues.   At the National level,  the League of Women Voters D.C.  office defines the policy positions for the organizations and distributes them to local League of Women Voters chapters which then communicate those positions to its local members and local community at large.

The Policy Circle however,  does not define policy positions or dictate actions of members or Circles.  The Policy Circle  is truly grassroots –  women decide for themselves what they want to learn about,  discuss,  and what actions to take.   #mindofmyown

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