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"Backhaul Direct has loved working with Indiana INTERNnet, and we value our partnership greatly. Our interns have enhanced our coporate culture and allowed us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses from an outsiders perspective. We also value the impact we are providing to our interns ensuring that their gained experiences will benefit them greatly in the future."

"The Golay Community Center has been able to grow and improve its Super Summer Fun Program due to the additional funding provided by Indiana InternNET. Our students have gained numerous life lessons that will help them while in school along with their future life endeavors. We are very fortunate to work with Indiana InternNET and hope to continue this “win, win” situation."

"Finish Line strives to support and develop highly motivated college students through meaningful projects, experiences and mentorship to create stronger brand awareness and opportunities for full-time employment. Indiana INTERNnet provides a great resource to connect our interns to Indianapolis as well as excellent networking experiences outside of Finish Line."

"Summer interns are an integral part of the Indiana State Fair staff. Their hard work, dedication and energy are a shot in the arm for our year-round employees, and we take pride in providing a great opportunity for students to work and learn supporting an Indiana tradition. provides an excellent complement to our other intern recruiting efforts and delivers wide exposure to students around Indiana and to students in other states looking to spend the summer in Indiana."

"The Indiana INTERNnet program has been a delight. It has given our organization the opportunity to work with some very bright college students, as well as, increase our pool of talented applicants versus other methods we have tried in the past."

"EARN has led us to hire outstanding interns for our office and summer programs. We have been very impressed with the program, the interns we connect with and the skills they bring to our department. Through EARN, we have been able to expand the number of interns we hire in the summer, and find this to be a mutual benefit for our department as well as the interns we hire."

"The EARN process for Indiana INTERNnet was not complicated at all. I think the whole process took less than 5 minutes for me, and has been helpful way beyond the 5 it took for me to be deemed 'EARN eligible.' "

"As a small company, INTERNnet has provided talent we would have otherwise been unable to find or hire. The benefits to both interns and Jeco have been significant and have allowed us to use new technology and new ideas in our rapidly evolving market. It has also provided us an opportunity to evaluate longer-term employment prospects for students, which was formerly a riskier decision. The support of the staff at INTERNnet simplified both the recruiting and administrative requirements of employing interns as well."

" is really easy to use. My favorite thing about is how friendly the staff is. Everyone is always excited to help and will take the time to walk me though the process."

"(I) have spoken highly of Indiana INTERNnet to many others - suggesting both college students to sign up and other firms to use this service to identify and hire interns. I found this site to be very helpful and we were extremely happy with all three interns hired through!"

"I LOVE the EARN Indiana program. We would not be able to pay what we do for our internships without this extra support. Our interns have been amazing that we have hired through this program. The support staff for Indiana INTERNnet and EARN Indiana are really helpful, kind and responsive. I look forward to continuing to use these resources for years to come."

"Indiana INTERnet has been a tremendous resource for World Baseball Academy. Their platform allows our leadership to connect with students who are looking to enhance their skills through a positive experiential learning opportunity. We are grateful for their involvement in the development of our next generation of young leaders."

"We love using It allows us to give students that educational opportunity to see if this is an area they would like to pursue working in in the future."

"Because of (our intern,) Morgan, I have become a huge advocate for Indiana INTERNnet. I would not have found her without this valuable tool. Because of Morgan, our company has seen record revenue this year and continues to grow."

"This (EARN Indiana) program is great not only for eligible employers, but for the students, the schools, and the continued growth and development in Indiana. Having a continuous internship program is a great way of creating a hiring pipeline for so many organizations. The more we can have Indiana students conducting high quality internships at Indiana companies, the higher likelihood they will stay in Indiana long-term."